Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ancient China, Here We Come!

So I forgot to pick up this thread until now, but in our upcoming production of Disney's Mulan, the Bantams both have fun roles!

B10 is Chi Fu.

If that visage rings no bells for you: He's the Emperor's consul, who alternates between being comic relief and the brunt of other soldier's jokes, and the bad guy who threatens the hero (Shang) with removal from his position as Captain of the regiment. He's exactly the sort of humorously evil character that B10 enjoys becoming!

B14 is Fa Zhou.

He's Mulan's gentle father, crippled from a previous war. When he is called into service again, to fight the invading Huns, Mulan goes in his place (sneaking away at night, without his permission; cutting her hair and pretending to be his son).

He also plays the Emperor of China.

In the exciting climax, there is an assassination attempt on his life! (Then, unbeknownst to the audience, there will be another exciting moment backstage as he'll have to quick-change back into his other role as Fa Zhou, for Mulan's return to her village.)

I just found out I'm chairing the makeup committee, and I'm full of questions. Are we dying hair, or just using spray-on color? Are we copying the hairstyles and facial hair from the movie, or not? What's the vision for the Ancestors, who are supposed to be statues? What do the costumes look like? Like I don't have enough to do already...but planning makeup and hair is such a fun, creative outlet for me!

Blondechick17 didn't audition for this one; instead, she's doing show choir at her school. (Although she almost changed her mind at the last minute!) It's hard when kids get to high school and have so many opportunities--and there just isn't time for them to do everything they would like to. She says she needs a break from theater, and B14 is planning to take one too, after this show. I'm just glad they've been able to help get this new chapter going--it's been so rewarding to be part of it and see God at work, growing and shaping it.

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