Thursday, January 07, 2010

Annual Celebration

We had a great time at our annual celebration last night! We asked folks to stand up and share things they were grateful for about our church, and it was such a blessing to hear the things that had touched people.

--one little boy said he had never had any good friends before they came to Light of Christ.
--the parents of a boy with autism and Tourette's syndrome said they were grateful for our acceptance of their son--who can be disruptive at times--and for providing an outlet for service for him (he serves as an acolyte every few weeks).
--another child thanked God for our church and for gathering times like the meal we had just had together.
--Barbara was grateful for those who assisted her family while she was battling cancer this year.
--we are all so thankful to God for Barbara's healing, and for all that she does with our Sunday School and altar guild (she IS the altar guild!).
--one of our founders, Mrs. A, recalled the first few Sundays when it was just a couple families in attendance, and thanked God for all the people God has sent since. Such an answer to those early prayers!
--we thanked God for the many children He has sent us and for the joy of seeing them serve each week as acolytes.
--we thanked God for our three folks from the older, wiser generation as well!
--one of them shared how blessed she was by our church despite the fact that she has very few "age-mates" there; she feels placed here by God.
--our token college/career age gal said she grew up moving a lot, and there weren't always good churches to attend. She is grateful to be attending one now!
--and we are glad she's hung in there with us, and are grateful for her service with our worship team.
--I recalled how many folks have passed through our doors, who have moved away but who were truly blessed by their time with us (like this family and the Prathers--Joel is now a priest in Texas--and a couple that is now at seminary).
--a mom was thankful that we are a praying community, as she recalled their earliest months at the church and how we prayed her through a pregnancy that was difficult for mother and baby.
--she also was grateful for the group of "regulars" at the weekly ladies' gathering at a coffee shop, and spoke of the community that had grown there.
--we are all thankful for the youth group that has begun to grow, and for the two men who stepped up to lead their Sunday School class (despite the challenges of kids who just can't pay attention, even when they are being talked about--cough, cough [B14]--ahem!).
--a new family shared how difficult it has always been for them to find a church that contains the differing spiritual values of both husband and wife, and how grateful they are to have found us so quickly after moving here this summer.
--he and another man were also grateful for the intellectual camaraderie they have in the carpool they have formed with Papa Rooster, all going 45+ minutes away to Deerfield, IL--what are the odds?
--and one of them is grateful to God and Light of Christ for the job he found, working with Papa --another man shared how glad he was that friends had invited him to Light of Christ, stating simply, "I love this church." He said his time with us had been transforming. He and another family both mentioned how grateful they were for the healing they had received.
--another dad said this church has become like family. He and his family are so thankful for the community they have here.

I know I'm missing more things that were said--but I'm glad my memory and this post can capture these, at least.

Praise be to God for all that He has done among us and through us at Light of Christ!!!!

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