Sunday, January 31, 2010

House Blessing Here

It's been busy at Chez Henhouse. We are having a house blessing tonight! Never mind that it will be two years in May that we have lived here. Epiphany is the traditional season for house blessings, and we missed it last year, okay? We were still unpacking.

This year, I won't say we're done unpacking--there are still boxes in the storage room, plus new accumulations--but we are settled in enough. Plus, it's time.

The trick, of course, is getting every room in the house presentable simultaneously. That has been the challenge before us this past week! We invited the whole church and it sounds like at least 30 people are coming, over half of them kids. The plan is to start in the basement and bless the family room (home theater area) first, then put on a movie for the younger kids. We'll finish the basement rooms and work our way up through the house, and any kids who drop out can return to the basement till we're done. We'll finish with dessert and fellowship, one of my favorite combinations.

Should be a blessing indeed!


Dotty J Biros said...

I very much enjoy reading about you, your family, and the church. We really enjoy live in NE but would rather be closer to grandchildren. We came here so i could take care of my mom but she died last sept so it is now much harder. God Bless you and yours Dotty Biros

Anonymous said...

I remember Papa Rooster doing our first house blessing. I miss you guys...

We still haven't had our new place blessed, and now that I spend 99% of my time here, as a SAHM, I really want to get it blessed. I'll have to talk to someone at Rez about that...



At A Hen's Pace said...

Dotty--It's so nice to hear from you! What a "blast from the past." I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope you can somehow work it out to move or at least to see your grandchildren more often!!

Taryn--I wished we lived closer and PR could do your house blessing for you!! We miss you guys too. Come visit some Sunday!?

Blessings to you both--