Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More Evidence of Blondeness

B14 is on record here and here as being our "blondest" child, and recently we recalled a few more of his blonder moments!

One happened years ago when I was pregnant with Bantam4. The doctor, pointing to the ultrasound screen, showed the kids: "See, there's one leg, there's the other leg...and there's his little third leg. Looks like you're getting a baby brother!"

Bantam-now-14, then-9, was concerned but played it casual a day or two later when he asked me: "So, Mom, the doctor said that the baby has three legs?"


At the beginning of this school year, Blondechick17 said to B14 after school one day: "Guess what? My Spanish name in Spanish class is Giselle!" (Giselle is Blondechick's best friend from her old school; she's Mexican.)

B14: "Cool! Wait--does that mean that Giselle's English name in English class is [Blondechick]?"

[Blondechick--"You did NOT just say that."]


Heather said...

You know, I can understand the logic behind that second comment!

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