Sunday, February 07, 2010

Facebook Statuses I Never Posted too busy to think of a Facebook status. tired of being busy. glad she owns a Prius, since she spends half her time driving.

...can't believe her carpool just fell apart and she now has to drive her kids to/from school 5 mornings and 5 afternoons a week!

...can't believe how many doctor/dental appointments family members have required in the past three months--we're averaging at least one a week--and still they continue! afraid that all the have-to's are crowding out the important.

...misses Facebook.

...misses blogging.

...hasn't read anybody else's blog in months! And apologizes, and misses her blogging friends.

..misses her Bible, and her journal. And is grateful for a prayer closet on wheels (aka her Prius). trying to figure out how to remedy the situation.

..can't wait for Blondechick to get her driver's license in April!

...can't listen to one more sentence beginning with, "Mom, could you...?" [take me...pick me me....]

...wishes B14 didn't have so much homework.

...wishes she could spend more time homeschooling and less time helping with homework.

...wishes she could do her mending.

...tells herself, "this is a season."

...knows that this, too, shall pass.

...keeps asking: What do I have to do next?


Amy said...

A great synopsis of your life with kids! We'll miss this.

Moyra said...

I do miss your more regular posts, but entirely understand!

I loved the title of this post, it made me giggle as I'm about to have a day that is completely unbloggable, nor will it feature as my Facebook status, so I won't be writing anything about it except to those of my friends who are praying today..