Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's Epiphany!

It's Epiphany today, the day we remember the Wise Men coming to the Christ Child with their gifts. They "saw the light" as it led them there, and they "saw the Light" when they looked into His face. Epiphany could be defined as the moment one "sees the light."

So when we started our church during the Epiphany season, we named it Light of Christ. That was three years ago this month, so we are having a church-wide celebration service tonight, in honor of this day of Epiphany and our three years together. We'll celebrate with a meal--one of our men is making lasagna for all, and another man offered his famous Caesar Salad--and our first-ever annual meeting.

Happy three years to us! And a blessed Epiphany to you all. May the light of Christ surround you this day and always!


Amy said...

I loved being able to attend your epiphany service 2008. it was so beautiful. I linked to one of your old posts on the house blessing today!


Kerry said...

Happy Three Years! and Blessed Epiphany to you, too!