Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Refreshing Marriage Moment

No, not mine...

It was on TV last week, during an episode ("Vital Signs") of White Collar. Peter is a happily married FBI agent whose partner Neal thrusts him into an encounter with a prospective informant, a beautiful woman, and hisses, "Flirt!" Clearly out of practice after many years of marriage, he manages to get her business card, plus her private number at the clinic under suspicion.

Later his wife Elizabeth finds the card and the scene is set for her to throw a jealous fit. She buries her head in his shirt and begins to shake with sobs. Wait-- No, it's laughter! "How did you get this?" she gasps. "You had to FLIRT?" "Oh, Peter, what did you SAY?" ["I said she looked thirsty."] More helpless laughter from the pretty wife.

I just loved this moment. How real, how illustrative of a good marriage!

Teenagers are just primed for relationship drama, it seems. They think "cheating" is such a huge deal, even without a commitment like marriage. Perhaps what they are learning from the movies and teen lit is that marital stability, security and trust is only for the middle-aged and older. All you can expect from your peers is drama, it seems!

I pray for my children to some day find someone with whom they can enter into a Christian marriage, based on trust and an unshakeable covenant commitment. I feel so blessed that in my own marriage, faithfulness has never been an issue, even when Papa Rooster's job required lots of travel. He--like Peter in White Collar--is just not capable of infidelity! He is so honest, so confessional with me on all levels. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he even put a toenail over the line.

Another great moment was at the end of the show, when Peter planned a romantic dinner at home with his wife and tried his best to "flirt" with her, like they were strangers dating all over again. It reminded me of our Valentine's Day tradition...which I look forward to tonight!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Go forth and flirt!

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