Monday, October 04, 2010


It's a big day...tonight we are ordaining an old and dear friend, R, to the priesthood!

As it's been on my mind today, I realized that I never posted pictures of our last ordination, just weeks ago, of another old and dear friend, Mr. A., Papa Rooster's college roommate and one of the founders of Light of Christ. I don't know if we'll have pictures of tonight's service, since Bantam15, the photographer of these shots, is serving as crucifer this evening. So maybe it's appropriate to post these today, since R makes an appearance--one of his last as deacon--in them.

Here's the procession, with Bantam11 serving as crucifer, and Mr. A's own twin boys as the other acolytes.

Here is Deacon R reading the gospel.  It's a nice shot of the church, and gives you a sense of how large the congregation was.  Friends came a great distance for the service--a testimony to who Mr. A is!

Our Bishop, Sandy, making a deacon.  We are a blessed church to have them both!

The new deacon setting the table, with another deacon--and priest-to-be--on deck....

Can't wait to celebrate his ordination tonight!

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