Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Weekend of Celebration

It was a big weekend at Light of Christ!  Six weeks of membership classes culminated with an "instructed Eucharist" on Saturday morning--a walk through our Sunday morning liturgy with commentary by Father Rooster.  Then on Sunday morning we received our new members and had three baptisms, so the church was full of extended family members.  Fittingly, it was All Saints' Sunday, when we remember all who are part of the kingdom of God, especially those who have gone on before us.  For many of us, the baptismal celebration extended into the afternoon, as we enjoyed the company of family and friends.

To further the celebration, we kicked off the weekend with an all-church meal, dance and talent show!

Performances ran the gamut, from Shakespeare....

(my father-in-law as Shylock from The Merchant of Venice)
to downright silly.
Dad and sons perform a Spike Jones number.
We had beginning musicians...
Chicklet8 gives her first public performance. (She also played an orphan in a girls' skit, which is why she is dressed in a t-shirt from the rag basket!) 

...and professional musicians.
This grandfather plays regularly at weddings and funerals.
We had a karate exhibition...

and a fight/dance!


and our very own worship band.

We'll give 'em a few years before we turn 'em loose on Sunday mornings, but it was exciting to hear these beginners get it together and pull it off.  They sounded great!

We ended with fun music for kids and adults alike to be-bop. boogie or just run around to.  We also enjoyed the talents of our chefs and bakers.  Yummmm.

What fun to just have fun together!


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