Monday, January 03, 2011

Five Years

Well, friends, family and readers...

old and new...

faithful or sporadic...

...At A Hen's Pace just turned FIVE years old!

Five years ago, New Year's Eve seemed like an auspicious time to start a blog. It's one of my few New Year's "resolutions" that ever really stuck.

In the last two years, I've had to slow down the hen's pace to just weekly or biweekly scratchings.  And the hen doesn't get around much anymore (to other's blogs), to my own disadvantage and disappointment.

Still, better at a hen's pace than not at all, eh?

Many readers have stuck with me since the beginning...and new readers have come along...all encouraging me to keep going.  Because as much as I enjoy writing for posterity--as a record of our family's activities and what God is doing in our lives--it's a lot more fun writing for an audience!

SO--to help celebrate my fifth "blogiversary"--leave me a comment! 

I've disabled the spam detection step, to make it as quick and easy as possible.  

Just say where you're from, if nothing else, but it's also nice to hear what kind of posts you enjoy.  I love suggestions! 

Blessings, friends!  Thank you all!!


Moyra said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

I'm from England, somewhere in the middle!

Certainly been reading for most of the five years.

MomCO3 said...

I love your book & movie recommendations, your musings on parenting, and your nuggets of wisdom about a life of faith. Oh, and photos. And tooth fairy stories.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I've also had to cut down on my writings of late, but it is something I'd like to start doing more often again. We shall see ... :)

Sherry said...

Five years is a milestone. May your blog continue to grow as your family does. I enjoy reading about your children and their education and the adventures in your baby church. Oh, and always books.

Anonymous said...

I have loved reading along these 5 years. I have especially loved getting a little peek inside how things are progressing in your church plant!

Jen in Seattle

Greg Smith said...

Anna and I love reading about your parenting thoughts and cultural musings! It's great to "connect with Rez-culture" though you and your blog!


Greg+ Anna Smith

Crystal said...

Posting from Alberta, Canada, I've been following you for about a year and a half. I love hearing about your family, your parenting successes (and struggles!) and schooling. I follow you because of your faith. Happy New Year! May God continue to bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary and greetings from Central Illinois! I discovered your blog about three years ago (via Anne Kennedy's blog) and eagerly await your new postings. I love it all, but have especially appreciated the book and movie reviews and your insights on the various Christian colleges you were considering for Bantam 19. Please keep blessing us with your writing!


Anonymous said...

This is Papa Rooster's cousin, Laura, who has been reading for the entire five years! Even though we don't get to see each other often, I like to read it to keep up with how everyone is doing.

Linds said...

Hi Jeanne - Linds here from the Alps this time! And I think I have been there for almost the whole time too. I started blogging in October 2005 but only really got going at the beginning of 2006, so I am on 5 years too!

Isn't it amazing how much we all feel we are friends, even though we have never actually met! But then we write about feelings, and those are things we may not share so readily IRL.
Congratulations! And please keep posting! Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You know a lot of people from all over! Just here in little ol' Racine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, greetings from the west metro Atlanta area. I think I got here to begin with because you have a SIL in FL (??), and I have stuck to reading you because of your Anglicanism, which we share.

I appreciate most your posts about parenting your children, but more specifically your discipling of them.

How is your friend whose husband died, with two young children? Her blog was very inspirational and honest, and I hope she is well.

Heather near Atlanta

Anonymous said...

I most like when you blog about difficult decisions you're making, prayer requests, family struggles, etc. It helps me to know that other people have daily burdens, and how the Lord is working to lift them or (at least) lighten them. I especially liked your series on perfectionism and the crazy story of your friends waiting at the bedside of someone they thought was their own daughter, but wasn't.

Jessica said...

I think, because I'm a book person, I enjoy the book musings the most. But I also just like your blog. :)

Jennifer Merck said...

Happy Birthday to atahenspace : )! I love everything you say, but I think my favorites are your thoughts on parenting. You're just a few steps ahead of us, so I have the opportunity to think through what's coming when I hear what's happening at your house.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Moyra, Annie, Amy, and Jen--You all have been such encouragements to me from the beginning! I'm so glad to hear from each of you.

Sherry, I am always delighted and shocked to see a comment from you. How you find time to read so many books AND blog comprehensively about them AND read my blog is a mystery to me. (Although you told me your secret was to let housework go, and I've been trying that! ;)

Crystal and Greg--
So nice to hear from you too! As always! (Anna too!)

Anglican-at-heart, thanks so much for introducing yourself! I'm delighted to know of you--and you're in the neighborhood, more or less!

Laura, I am so tickled to hear from you. Benita told me once that you keep up with us through the blog, but I would love to catch up with you and see pictures of your children. Consider Facebook...or maybe we should just plan a get-together this summer!

Linds, you feel like such an old friend that it was almost a shock to think that I have never met you in real life. :) And your thoughts on why that is are exactly what I think, too!

Michelle--thank you! You are a blessing IRL too! (in real life)

Anonymous in Racine--now I am wondering, of the handful of people I know who are from Racine, who you are...or if a random Racinite found my blog? :)

Heather, how nice to hear from another Anglican! Margie is still grieving, of course, but doing well otherwise; her children too. I miss her blog, too!

Matt, thanks for your thoughts. I have current struggles I've been unsure about sharing or not, and your words give me a reason to do so. Always nice to hear from you!

Jessica--thank you! I just like your blog, too, when I get there. I have wondered about your church situation and your book...will have to pay you a visit soon!

Jennifer--my old, IRL friend! I have wished for more friends who were just a little further down the parenting road...I am glad to give at preview, at least. (I'm having less and less confidence that I have any wisdom to offer!)

Blessings, all--


Kathie said...

Hi there Jeanne - a belated happy Blogiversary! Like you my blog writing and reading has slowed down a bit - but I'm still here, following along while your sweet family grows!

Dani said...

Happy 5 years! I haven't come around much in the last year as I've been too busy to do too much blog reading. But I always enjoy coming by to see what is happening with your family. :)