Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magnets and Wrappers and Wigs, Oh My!

Both Papa Rooster and I are going to have lots of memories of this show! 

He got more involved than he really had time for, with what sounded like a simple picture-taking assignment.  When he learned that the pictures were to be Photoshopped onto a background and made into fridge magnets, parent badges and candy bar wrappers, to be sold as show souvenirs, he volunteered to help out with the Photoshop piece of it as well.

He did a beautiful job with the individual magnets and badges, then combined them to create photo montages of different groupings of kids.  You could buy a "Wonka Bar" with School Kids, Soda Pop Dancers, Oompa Loompas, Townspeople or Ticket Winners on the wrapper--and they were so popular, they sold out immediately.  They're making more for next weekend!  Imagine this image wrapped around a jumbo bar of chocolate:

Wouldn't you want to buy one? 

Chicklet8 was his guinea pig for the magnet and badge shots:

With and without wig and makeup, as you can see.  And speaking of wigs and makeup, although I wasn't officially on the makeup committee this time, I've helped a good bit with turning these...

...into these...

 (yes, that's how you keep 28 green wigs looking good between shows:  you store them on skirt hangers, with hair nets to minimize friction between them!)

...into these on-stage cuties!

You would never know it was C8's first show!  She's having the time of her life, already mourning that there are only four days and five shows left.

And her brother?

He's having fun too.

(This is my parent badge, which clips onto my lanyard identifying me as a parent and which committee I'm on.  B15 thinks he's too cool, but we should have put him on it too; he's working backstage for this show and having a good time.)

Good times for the whole family!!


Papa Bear said...

Love the bro/sis pic!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys have had so much fun!! We can't wait for our show that opens March 24--you're wetting our appetite!! Wish we could see each others shows!! Have fun with the shows that are left. We're thinking of you!!
Kim, Bryan, Luke, Emily, Timmy :)

At A Hen's Pace said...


I keep thinking of you guys too! Hope to see pics of your Willy Wonka on Facebook!!


Anonymous said...

Such great pictures! It's so much fun to see them, and we're really sorry not to be able to come this time...Love, Pianomum

Anonymous said...

The photos are great; the pink backgrounds strike me as kinda funny.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Yes, they are supposed to give that "psychedelic" feel! As well as grab shoppers' attention and make each child look like the star of the show. Seemed to work--everyone loved them! ;)

At A Hen's Pace said...

Mom and Dad, we are missing you this weekend!! Feel better soon...