Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me, I'm a Wonkerer!

At least I feel like one after the last week!

After three nights of dress rehearsals, two school day shows and three public performances of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, we are all a little Oompy-Loompy.

Ah, and here's our favorite little Oompa Loompa now!

That's her, directly underneath the Woody doll that Willy Wonka is holding.  Woody is the miniature version of Mike Teavee, of course.  That's a TV screen behind them.

And there's her reaction (click to enlarge) after Wonka suggests they put Mike into the taffy-pulling machine to stretch him back to normal size.  In just a moment, she will take Mrs. Teavee's purse, they will drop Mike into it and she'll be the one to carry purse and doll offstage.  It's the one moment that we can tell our friends to watch for and know it's her!

Because you know those Oompa Loompas...they all look alike.  (She's directly behind the two seated girls.  I notice this crew doesn't look as enthused as they should, but these photos were taken at dress rehearsal, and probably the director is talking to them or the tech folks while they "freeze.")

On the other hand, our friends will have no trouble picking out B12.  He sings the opening lines of the first number:  "I can't stop eating sweets, all those wonderful Willy Wonka treats; you can keep the others, but me, I'm a Wonkerer!"

He's a School Kid named James, and he is a friend of Charlie Bucket, the main character, in the middle.  The girl on the left is Matilda, another school friend of Charlie's.

James, Matilda and Charlie help the Candy Man sing "The Candy Man." Can you guess why these friends are named James and Matilda?

Anyone?  Anyone?

My parent commitment this time was acting as a docent, visiting schools who were bringing classes to see the show.  I asked each group lots of questions about the characters, but this question, about these two characters, stumped every class.  They're not in the movie, for one thing.  But then I would ask if the kids had read any other books by Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Eventually some child would come up with "Matilda" and another with "James and the Giant Peach"--and there you have the answer!

Everyone loves a good ending pose.

Papa Rooster tried out a new wide-angle lens (click to enlarge).  

What a brightly colored spectacle!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for posting them! The kids look like they're having the times of their lives, and, you're right, B8 just is a real natural! She's really into the acting! I wouldn't have guessed she could be so good her first show--although, of course, she's seen her older siblings perform so well, so many times. So it's not scary for her. I well remember how scared I was the first time I tried to audition at my elementary in the third grade--scared to death! Love, Pianomum