Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Educational Plans...and a Sabbatical

Is it time to be blogging about our back-to-school plans?

Feels like it's time...and yet, there's not as much to say as usual.  I'm taking a sabbatical from homeschooling.

I've homeschooled for 14 years straight, and since we moved here three years ago, I've been stretched thinner than I ever have before.  It was a lot easier to homeschool when all my kids were at home and on the same schedule.  But our move came just as our three oldest were embracing teenager-hood with a vengeance and without the safety net of Christian friends and friendships that we had in our old community.  The three of them--especially #2 and #3--seemed to require a lot more time and attention than they had previously, with enrollment in a public high school and then the Christian school...and all that came with it:  rides to school, help with homework, sports, a social schedule, a social life (a.k.a "drama"), driver's ed, driving, jobs, college visits, graduation, and transitioning to college.  So much new stuff in three years.

Not to mention homeschooling the younger three, planting a church, starting a Christian youth theater group in Kenosha, staying on top of laundry and errands, and keeping groceries in the house!

No wonder I am out of steam.

So the plan is for Bantam6 and Chicklet8 to go to the local elementary school for first and third grades next year.  I have a good feeling about that school and the adults that I met there during the half-year that Chicklet attended, two years ago.  I think they will do well there.

Bantams12 and 16 will both be at home, but enrolled in iQ Academy, a virtual charter school here in WI.  I may have to do some nagging, but they will receive instruction, deadlines and grades from iQ Academy teachers, not me.  I'm sure they both can handle the workload and the curriculum pretty independently, and I'm looking forward to playing a supportive role, rather than a directive one, with them.

Blondechick18 leaves for TIU (Trinity International University) on Saturday.  I expect she'll be high-maintenance for her first few weeks away, but then she'll settle in.  She's been so appreciative of her family, lately, especially with the breaking off of her engagement and subsequent complete break-up.  She senses God working all things together for good in her life, though, and she is super-excited for college!

B20 will be living at home and hopefully working.  He's had two interviews recently, which was encouraging--finally.  One didn't work out, and he is hoping to be called back for a second interview at the other place.  Prayers appreciated!

So those are the educational plans...which shouldn't be too stressful or demanding on me.  It's the extra-curricular activities that are going to fill my time, I suspect.  But there are enough of them to fill a separate post!

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