Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Man!

I was so happy that my brother-in-law grabbed the camera and took these shots!  PR takes so many fabulous photos, but he's never in them.  I loved this shot of him with our two youngest and my niece (in the orange goggles).

This photo captures something special about my husband, one of the big reasons I married him--he has a gentle soul.

May the Lord bless you this day...this you bless so many others with your care, your love, your compassion and your prayers.  You are a good man, and I am blessed to be yours.


In honor of your birthday, apparently, I had a dream last night.  This dream incorporates a Latin expression which you made up in high school.  My subconscious seems to think that you have been just itching to include it in a liturgical service!

We were at church, and you and our deacon and the altar boys were processing in.  But what was this?  In the procession, there was also a young man in his 20's, dressed in a robe of some sort, but underneath it was an inflatable suit that was inflated, lifting the robe above the young man's knees and revealing silky gym shorts.  He definitely needed a longer robe and different footwear than gym shoes, to pull this off.  Who was he? I wondered.  Why the inflatable suit under the robe?

Ahhh, then I knew.  It was the magnum saccum ventorum, the "big bag of wind." A little-known liturgical element you were trying out this week.

You and our deacon conferred afterward and decided that it just hadn't worked.  It looked a little silly and it made the young man uncomfortable.  (It may have been his first time at our church, since I didn't recognize him.  Talk about "seeker-friendly"!)

And that was it.  You were matter-of-fact, and you moved on to another topic.

You big bag of wind. I love you!

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