Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update on the Birthday Girl--Blondechick19!

She's a college girl now.

She got a music scholarship, so she's been taking voice lessons, participating in choir, and singing with the worship team in chapel.  She sang recently at our All-Church Talent Show:

She probably wouldn't want me to post this, since it wasn't her very best performance; she was at the Urgent Care the next day for an ear infection AND an upper respiratory infection.  But no one else could tell!

She's planning on switching majors, though.  She can still be in choir, voice lessons and worship team, and probably keep most of her scholarship, but she can tell she's just not cut out for the hours in the practice room that a music major requires.  She's not thrilled about her required keyboard lessons or Music Theory class either.  Music Theory is, in fact, the bane of her existence this semester.

And she's coming home tonight, on her birthday, for Thanksgiving break!  Her siblings are excited.

(I call this "the blonde team." Half our kids have the white-blonde hair, and we honestly can't figure out where it came from! No blondes among their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Yes, my husband is half Norwegian, but Grandpa says that out of the 11 in his immediate family, only one sister was blonde.)

Mugging for the camera is one of her favorite activities!

These two have always been close.  Ask either one of them who their BFF is, and they will name the other.

(It is one of my great joys and blessings that my kids all seem to like and enjoy each other.  I don't know if we've done something to cultivate this or if it's just a gift!  I think homeschooling has contributed to a great extent, and it's probably the right mix of ages and genders too.  Recently B16 told me that one of the best things about being home this year has been re-establishing his relationship with B12--they are enjoying each other a lot.  Too much, sometimes, given their school workload--but I am so grateful!)

Blondechick likes hats.

She also likes babies. 

(So does B16.  A few weeks ago, in the car, he said, "You know, Mom, B6 isn't really a little kid any more.  We haven't had a baby around for awhile now, I just realized.  I miss having a baby in the house.  I can't wait to have a baby.")

She's had her trials.  She's sworn off boys for the time being, and she's drawing closer and closer to God.  She's learning new things about Him and about herself.  He is meeting her in her moments of pain and difficulty.  It's clear that He is moving in her life, making Himself more real to her, and she is responding to Him.

What a great "birthday gift" for her parents, to see the child we've loved and prayed for her since before her birth 19 years ago drawing near to her Creator, listening to Him to tell her who He made her to be, what that unique mix of personality, talents and interests is all about.  We've always been curious, with her, to see how God would direct and shape her strong will and personality.  We've done our best to do that, and it hasn't always been easy.  As she grows older, we have to trust God to take over that role for us more and more.  To see her responding to His leadings makes my heart burst with thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday, daughter.  You are a delight, and a source of laughter and great joy to us.  Thank you for being yourself, and for striving to learn who you are in God's eyes.  He made you to be a uniquely beautiful gem!

Afflicted city, lashed by storms and not comforted, 
I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise, 
your foundations with lapis lazuli. 
I will make your battlements of rubies, 
your gates of sparkling jewels, 
and all your walls of precious stones. 
All your children will be taught by the LORD, 
and great will be their peace. 
Isaiah 54:11-13


Matt said...

Love the photos of Blondechick18 and Bantam6 making faces.

Hen Jen said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely photos, and she sounds so lovely inside. Congratulations on college and the music scholarship, wow!

I love all the blond at your house :)