Sunday, January 01, 2012

Six Years of Blogging

January has always seemed like a good time of year to start something new.

Seven years ago, I read my first blog post, and I was really attracted to this idea of an online journal.  It seemed like an attainable writing challenge for me.  For a year, I thought and prayed about whether it would be in line with God's will and what its purpose would be.  I had just had my sixth child; I was homeschooling, active in my church, and had a husband who traveled a lot. Would it be right for me to spend the time on what was possibly just a whim?

But I couldn't put the idea out of my mind, and it grew to be a strong desire.  My husband approved, and I knew that if nothing else, it could be an online family scrapbook and a way for extended family and friends to keep up with us.  But I hoped it might also be an encouragement to other Christian women (and maybe even a few men)--something I really did feel called to.

So I made a Poke the Box decision (before that book was written) to just start something, and see what happened.  My first post was a late-night New Year's Eve movie review.  In subsequent entries, I explained my blog theme, about contentment with the reality that spiritual growth happens slowly when one is busy with a family, and that it happens in the mundane and everyday.  (See the sidebar labels "a hen's pace" and "sacred everyday.")

I might examine these threads again, six years later, when the nest feels so different!  The pace of our life has increased so much in the last six years, with a move in our geographical location, the added responsibility for Papa Rooster of leading a church, and our chicks spreading their wings and spending more time out of the nest--which really stretches a Mama Hen.

It's January, and with the decision to put our two youngest in school this year, I finally feel like I have a little breathing room in my life.  Perhaps I could do more with my blog now.  Or is there something else God wants me to put my writing energies into?  Just like six years ago, I doubt, and wonder whether that energy should go to my family or my church instead.

But I think God smiles at my chicken scratchings here, and it surely lifts my soul to write.  Don't know about starting something new...but I think at least I shall continue!

To help celebrate my "blog-i-versary," every year I ask my readers to post a comment for me!  It cheers me to know there are real, live people reading, not just numbers or random google hits racking up on a site meter.  

Just chime in with a hello and where you're from, since that's fun for everyone to see.  And if you have a question, suggestion or request for me, I promise I will write a post to address it!  

(Is that rash?  We shall see!)

Blessings, friends!  Thank you all!


Amy said...

I've enjoyed your blog so much! It was really one of the first I read and it also introduced me to other Anglican bloggers who I now count as friends! Your blog also introduced us to Light of Christ when we really needed it. So maybe it is part of your "church ministry" too!

Jessica Snell said...

Hmm, my first thought is petty, but it's: "she did a movie review for her first post? I want to read movie reviews by her! She should do more!" :)

I'm glad you started blogging and glad that you still do!

Amy said...

Happy New Year to you and your blog! I've enjoyed it tremendously through the years!

Kathy Hitt said...

Hello from Omaha! Always love seeing the goings-ons thru your blog. Blessings for another year!

Moyra said...

Hello from the middle of England, and England's second largest city!

There have been blogs that have come and gone out of my list of blogs, but this one stays. I've always enjoyed it.

Hope to be leaving my annual comment again next year. (Or, maybe even comment more regularly through the year... I'll try!)

Kerry said...

Happy New Year, Jeanne! And Happy Blog-iversary! Congratulations! I keep hearing how "passe" blog supposedly are (in favor of facebook and twitter), but I just don't buy it. Those other platforms just don't have the potential depth and breadth a blog does, and yours is an excellent example. I'm so glad you are still blogging!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Amy S--I am so glad to see you are blogging again too! And thanks for the reminder; you are not the only one who found Light of Christ because of my blog. Praise be to God.

Jessica--I was thinking the same thing myself, as I wrote my year-end "Movies Watched" post: I should write more of these as I go. Thanks for the nudge!

Amy D--So nice to hear from you! I always smile when I see you've posted a status on FB. Hope your family and church are doing well.

Kathy--Blessings to you and Jeff too! I'm following your adventures on FB and so happy for you all. I miss your blog, though!

Moyra--You made my day! That is a great compliment, to be a "keeper" on your blogroll. I always smile at your annual comment, and enjoy the rare ones in between. I hope to leave a couple on your blog this year, too! I'm hoping to get back into blog-reading a bit more in 2012.

Kerry--It does seem like FB has "replaced" blogging as a way to keep in touch in less time. I'm not on Twitter and can't see the appeal! But blogs, as you say, carry so much more potential for in-depth communication and connection. I am thankful for your blog too, and for your leadership as an Anglican blogger!

Blessings, all!


Anonymous said...

Papa Rooster's cousin, Laura, here. I don't think I've missed a post over the six years! It makes me feel close to you all! Keep it up! I enjoy it so much!

Linds said...

Hello - I am still here after all these years! I should be at home in the middle of England, but I am not. I am up in the Alps for a break, but thanks to the marvels of modern technology, I can still keep in touch with all my blogging friends. Just think - if you hadn't posted that movie review, we would not know each other existed. Amazing. We have a web of frieds covering the globe. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Jeanne!

Anonymous said...

Still reading in Seattle!


At A Hen's Pace said...

Laura--I am so glad that you keep up with us! Wish we knew your little family better, and Benita's too. We'll have to plan a reunion sometime!!

Linds--I am so thankful for you, in so many ways. You have been a blessing and an encouragement from the beginning--a true friend, even though we have never met. I love how you let your heart and wisdom shine through in your blog!

Jennifer--It's so interesting how we first connected and continue to have somewhat parallel paths. Blessings to you, your family, and your new church!


Erlinda said...

Hello from Cibolo (near San Antonio), Texas! Found your blog through "An Undercurrent of Hostility" and have enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

I think it was your blog that got me started! Thanks for sharing who you are in this space.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I'm still here! Have loved following your lovely, lively family and hearing your wisdom. I don't get to read as regularly as I would like to, but I pop in when I can and still love everything you share. xo

At A Hen's Pace said...

Erlinda, thanks for introducing yourself! Loved my visit to San Antonio a couple years ago. That's fun that we both read Anne's blog!

Annie, so nice to hear from you, and I'm honored to be the inspiration for your own very fine blog! I've been so inspired by your homeschooling posts over the years. So glad we can stay in touch this way!

Megan, you are another blogger who has inspired me so much over the years! I've enjoyed every stage of your journey and watching those kiddos go from "bean" to grade school in no time flat. Seems to me we are due for another IRL meeting! Maybe in 2012?

Blessings, all!


jenny said...

Jeanne, loved your book/movie list...I will be using them! Many similar thoughts so great recommendations for feature reading. I have fallen out of blog world but catching up tonight defintely made me want to be sure to not miss yours. Thank you for the great gift of reading your thoughts.

jenny said...

btw "jenny mccall"

Mrs. Smith said...

Jeanne, it's a joy to read your blog. I've been so blessed by it as I add children to my own nest. I am so grateful to God (and to you) for those who have gone before and can share wisdom!

Currently, we're living in Quantico, VA. In 6 months, who knows!

At A Hen's Pace said...


You are kind and so encouraging! I hope my lists will not lead you astray! ;)

Mrs. S--

Yes, I am excited, too, to see where God will lead you guys! I am so glad our lives intersected back at Rez, even briefly, and glad that the internet has kept us in touch for the long term! "What God hath wrought," huh? Blessings on your little nest!


Anne Kennedy said...

Congratulations! I click on your blog first every morning and then slowly go on about my day. You're such a continual encouragement and source of wisdom to me--giving me hope that all my tiny children might one day grow up to be reasonable and Christian human beings. One of my two regrets in life is that I didn't drive out to see you that one week we were in Chicago. How lame of me!

Anonymous said...

Still reading in Madison, too! Wow, I can't believe it's been six years. I think I've been with you since the beginning.
Blessings, friend. So good to see God's work in yours and Papa Rooster's journeys, and I'm blessed by the intersection with Kurt's and mine.

At A Hen's Pace said...


I am so glad my blog gives you hope! ;) It sounds to me like you are doing a wonderful job with your kids, on so many fronts--and keeping your sense of humor about it, too! You encourage me with that!


I am so grateful for your friendship and Kurt's, and now it is such a blessing to see your children, and you growing as a young mother. You, too, are doing a great job, and I love seeing pics and reading your statuses on FB! Is your blog still going? I lost all my links a couple years ago and never recovered them all.