Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hark, It's the Sound of Music!

It's Production Week!

This week we have three dress rehearsals, eight performances, a strike party, a daughter home from college for Spring Break, Papa Rooster gone for a 4-day conference, and four grandparents here for the weekend.

I'm chairing the Makeup Committee again this time, so I'm frantically sorting eye pencils and brushes and latexing the backs of moustaches and beards prior to use.  I'm checking supplies and making my shopping list:  makeup sponges, makeup removal wipes, bobby pins. I'm wondering when I'm going to get my own kids' makeup and hair done, since we only have minutes after they get off the schoolbus before we have to leave.

I'm contacting friends about last-minute tickets to the show, and I'm reviewing Captain Von Trapp's lines with him daily.  (I know now when he deviates from the script, even without it in front of me!)  I'm helping with homework, late at night, and driving kids to school instead of them taking in the bus. I'm trying to make sure everyone eats and drinks and sleeps enough-- including me.

Onward and upward!

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