Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grandma Update

 Grandpa Rooster got to be with his whole family on Father's Day:

Our family, and Papa Rooster's brother's family all gathered at the nursing home where Grandma is staying.  We had iPads to keep the younger kids happy, and the rest of us visited and laughed together until it was time for the dads to go bag our dinner.  Pizza is a Rooster men's tradition!  We all had Lou Malnati's right there in Grandma's room, and she even tried to get down a bite herself.

Mostly she's living on Ensure and jello, because she can't swallow much else. She was having a good day when we there.  She smiled the whole time and was just so happy to see us all.  "It's so good to see your faces," she whispered to me when we said goodbye.

She's doing all right physically. Her left side is still too weak for her to get in and out of bed by herself, but she was actually lifting and moving her left arm a little bit more. She has lost a little more weight, but she's maintaining pretty well, overall. Mentally, she struggles to find words and finish her sentences, but her personality is still there, in flashes of humor and sparkle.

She told us quite frankly that she's seeing things that aren't there.  "Like"...and she didn't finish, except to add,  "And I saw one in the store the other day. I was in a store, and I saw...."  She also told my husband that she keeps seeing a brown man who speaks words of comfort to her.  He has brown eyes, hair, skin and and a brown beard.  "Is he Jewish?" Papa Rooster asked.  "Oh, yes," she replied. "And he says such comforting things to me."

Could it be Christ himself?  Except that Jesus has appeared to her before--it's part of her testimony of how she was saved.  Papa Rooster thinks of John the Baptist:  "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people."  Whoever the brown man is, we are so thankful for him.

Grandpa was so happy to have us all there too. He is thinking about bringing her home, if he can find the right live-in caregiver.  We are praying for God to send someone, the perfect person, who will be a blessing--more than a caregiver--to them both.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Grandma, Grandpa and all of us.  We are feeling them!

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