Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ode To Boys (or Happy Birthday, B8 and B14!)

These two.

My two youngest boys...just turned eight and fourteen!

The younger one is still my baby.

(I'm just soakin' up the goofiness.)

The older one is getting way too big to be anyone's baby.

Look at that. He's nearly as tall as brother, who is 5-foot-11-plus-hair.

He's writing a sci-fi novel, doing a comedic part in our upcoming production of Aladdin, and continuing to take piano. Improvisation is his forte!

His brother loves Legos and reading. He also has a couple comedic cameos in Aladdin. He's enjoying his first production, but next session he'll go back to his real love--soccer!

On the stage, he is a ham and a cut-up, full of great energy. But in soccer, he is focused and supremely happy. He seems born to it.

His brother is also a ham.

He's not as energetic and extroverted, though, and has grown more serious and thoughtful in recent years. It's been fun to see him recover his comedic side in Aladdin and also in the Improv class he's taking.

Here, we need to get him right side up again.

Handsome fellow, isn't he? We never can figure out what to do with his hair. 

These two--they love God, love the Bible, love their family, their church, their friends. 

They've been sharing a room since the fall, getting along beautifully. 

They are great joys in my life.

Happy Birthday, both of you!!


Anonymous said...

Nice post to honor two very sweet boys...Love, Pianomum

genamayo said...

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see them in the show!