Monday, February 18, 2013

R & R

I had such a sweet time in California with my aunt and uncle!!

Totally in catch-up mode now, and struggling to find time to write a post about it. I have pictures--but they are located in several places, from which I don't normally upload to my blog, so that's another obstacle.

And Aladdin is just around the corner! We move our sets and light/sound equipment into the theater this Saturday. I'm busy selling tickets and realizing I need to immediately borrow or order shoes for the older boys, and buy and dye canvas tennies for my younger two. Oh, we need no-show socks too. And Showcase is tomorrow night too--yikes! Better make sure they have what they need to wear for that too!

I am also scrambling to pull together curriculum and a lesson plan for B14. Last week, I took him out to lunch for his birthday, and in a heart-to-heart conversation, he convinced me to let him drop the virtual school altogether and go back to pure homeschooling, which he remembers fondly as the last time he enjoyed school. He says the computer has taken over his life, since he started virtual schooling, and I agree! So, one more thing to add in to this week. Mostly, I just want to get him reading again.

But my California trip was a blessed time of R & R. My aunt and uncle are so gracious and easy to be with. We didn't do lots--the big day was going to a set where McDonald's shoots most of their commercials (my uncle's brother works there), and visiting the Nixon Library on the way home. On other days, the big events were walking around the neighborhood, going down to the ocean at the San Clemente Beach and Dana Point, going to Costco and a few other errands, and going to dinner at my cousin's house. We were in the car heading to Saddleback, Rick Warren's church, when I became ill, so that was disappointing. Slept it off and felt fine after that, though; my body seemed to be confused by the time change, different food and caffeine at odd times.

My aunt and uncle have the gifts of conversation and laughter--my cousin too--and I mostly just enjoyed sitting around and talking and laughing! It had been years since I had seen them all, and it was so good to catch up. I also enjoyed hearing about their experiences in the past; I heard many stories I had not heard before or could only vaguely recall. My uncle is quite a character and tells a colorful story! And it was inspiring to see their faithfulness to God, and His hand at work over the course of their lives. It was so good just to laugh, relax and worry about nothing while I was there! (Noooo stresssss....)

I soaked up what warmth and sunshine I could, too, though it was quite chilly while I was there. I hadn't been to CA in 17 years, and I honestly didn't remember it that well. I'd forgotten how hilly it was, and how exotic all the plants are, and I couldn't believe how green and beautiful it was, even in February! I can really see why so many people love it there. It was a great place to get away.

Still hope to post some pics later!

Thanks so much, Aunt and Uncle, for a wonderful time and for taking such good care of me!

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