Friday, April 28, 2006


I started a chatty little post about my pleasant morning of garage saling, but I'll have to put it up later. Even while out and about, I've been praying all day. My mind is still on this Taylor University tragedy.

This link has a lovely picture of Laurel, our friends' son's fiancee-to-be, who died in the crash. (She's the second one down.) You can see she was gifted artistically. He wants to build houses; she was going to do the insides. (This is what Blondechick 13 told me today, anyway.)

He was supposed to be on that van with her, but missed it when his last class went late.

Some things surely are exercises in faith, aren't they? It's hard to imagine God's purposes in something like this. It's especially hard for us to imagine when it seems like there's just been suffering heaped upon suffering--as the last several years have been for our friends.

Yet somehow we trust that He does know what He is doing--that He does have the Big Picture, the lid of the puzzle box!--when all we've got are lots of little pieces. We may swear that a certain piece can't go here, or has to belong there--but our perspective really is so limited.

Now, for faith to trust in the Unlimited!

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