Friday, August 04, 2006

A Blessed Wedding

Last night we attended the loveliest wedding. The musical, brilliantly creative son of our best friends married the most elegant, smart, steadying young woman--she is such an answer to prayer! (The groom's parents have been our prayer partners for seven years now.)

(Yes, it was a Thursday night--much cheaper that way, and it didn't eat up a whole weekend. The last one we attended was on a Sunday night. I think it’s a trend!)

Papa Rooster performed the wedding, a liturgical ceremony, before a largely Baptist and non-liturgical crowd, and--may I brag a little?--he won everybody over by his warm, engaging, personal manner. The couple had asked him to preach on faith, hope and love, from Corinthians 13, and he linked each of those nouns to a verb--remember, pray and give--and tied them all into marriage in a wedding sermon that brought him a myriad of compliments from diverse quarters.

Friends who've seen him do quite a few weddings believe that he just seems to have a God-given anointing for weddings--for making everyone comfortable and for personalizing his message to the couple, always with a memorable story or metaphor unique to them, in a way that inspires and blesses all married couples in attendance. I couldn’t have been more proud--or thrilled to be married to him!

This wedding marked a shift for us, from attending the weddings of our peers or younger friends to the new but inevitable series of weddings of our friends’ children—and realizing that we’re not that many years away from hosting a wedding of our own.

I had an unsettling moment when someone who’d just met me expressed disbelief that I had six kids. “You look about 16,” she said—and I came back quick with, “No, I HAVE a 16-year old—almost!” For the first time I realized that in a mere 5 months, I will be the mother of a 16-year old, and somehow that sounds much older than 15.

(The reason I looked 16 was because to the rehearsal dinner I wore something quite bold, a resale find that I couldn’t resist because it fit like a glove. It's very retro, very Jackie O—sleeveless, above the knee, black with big white polka dots and donut shapes, cut out at the back above the bra line, with two strips that button across the high back. Very cute. I was so glad to have an occasion for it!)

Wish I had pictures of the elegantly-attired bride and groom, of Papa Rooster in his beautiful wedding chausible, of Blondechick 13, Bantam 11 and myself all spiffed up, of the mother of the groom, my good friend, in a gorgeous dress and looking more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her, of his oh-so-musical father singing during the ceremony, of the kids and all the swing-dancing set showing off their best moves on the dance floor, of the smiling best man who surely was grieving a wedding that will not be. But since I forgot my camera, these word pictures will have to suffice.

It was a blessed event. Thank you, Lord, for your goodness!


RANDI said...

We are attending the wedding of one of our daughter;s friends this weekend. I can't believe that the guy is getting married! It seems like just yesterday he was at our house playing with light-sabers. The gal he is marrying is so level-headed that I think it is a perfect match!

Your new template looks great!

Islandsparrow said...

I'm in the process of redesigning too - and I've also spent enough time on it!! I got my blog title to show up by making the banner in Paint Shop Pro and just adding the title there with the text tool. Then I uploaded it in my blog as an image.

We have the first wedding in our family coming up on Sept. 2 - our 21 yr old son is getting married to a lovely Christian girl. I'm rejoicing and grieving at the same time - which is a very odd sensation :)

Loni said...

We are getting to this stage now too, as our friend's kids are gettng married, AND having babies! I have an almost 20 year old . . . and also expecting a new blessing in March, so we will be enjoying this stage for quite some time! :) Enjoyed reading this post.