Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fight and The Fallen Edmund

And this is our son Edmund fighting our son the Dwarf in the final battle. The brothers choreographed a complicated fight which really looks great! It ends with Edmund stabbing the Dwarf and turning his back on him to look for another opponent--but the Dwarf recovers and stabs the unsuspecting Edmund in the back. Edmund falls to the ground and the Dwarf rushes offstage, cackling triumphantly.

Aslan then forces the White Witch offstage (see them to the left, in the picture?) and we hear her dying scream. Aslan returns, announcing, "The White Witch is no more" and her army retreats.

Susan (our daughter) and Lucy rush to the fallen Edmund. (Doesn't he look tragic? Lucy is a close family friend, as is Mrs. Beaver in the center.)

This is the moment when Lucy brings out her diamond flask of healing restorer, which revives him."I'm so hungry," he moans as he awakes, which always gets a laugh, as it was his appetite for Turkish Delight that got him into so much trouble!

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