Monday, July 02, 2007


Awwww-- go read all the nice things Linds at Rocking Chair Reflections has to say about me here!

Linds is a mother and grandmother in England who has been through so much; she became a widow very suddenly just a year ago. While grieving her husband and the loss of their future together, surrounded by children (one still at home) and grandchildren, she re-entered the work force as a teacher--a big adjustment--and just took the leap of faith to resign at the end of this term. (Yes, in England, school is still in session!) She's managed these difficult transitions with such grace, faith, honesty and wisdom. I'm glad to have her example as an older, wiser, grace-filled woman.

So I'm supposed to pass on the award to five worthy bloggers who have inspired and blessed me--writing a paragraph on each of them. I'm going to count the one I just wrote as my first one, so here ya go, Linds--"reflecting" the award right back at ya!

Tonia and Ann immediately come to mind but I've honored them before, so I'm going to just give this nod to them and spread the love around a little more. They'll both understand. (And know that this is my way of cheating!)

Donna at Quiet Life has the most interesting mix of quotes, great photography, morning-after discussion of several television shows, and news reports on her family and their activities--including homeschooling and knitting projects! She posts quite early every morning, and the comments appear all day from her family members, other ladies who obviously know her family in real life, and folks like me who enjoy the occasional visit--the virtual equivalent of hanging out over the backyard fence with a group of positive, encouraging Christian women. Donna's from the great state of Wisconsin, too. Wish she lived nearer the area where I'm moving!

Speaking of locations to make y'all envious, my friend Kathryn, at A Sparrow's Home, lives on Prince Edward Island in Canada--of Anne of Green Gables fame. She readily shares photos of the beautiful island in all seasons, with appropriate quotes from the Anne books and other inspiring places. She's a children's librarian and loves to discuss all things bookish. She's also a pastor's wife and a mom to five?, I believe, who have mostly left the sparrow's nest--so she's a great virtual mentor for me. She volunteered to pray faithfully and specifically for our family and our seedling church plant, and her commitment has blessed us so much.

My real-life friend Amy, at Experience Imagination is a relatively new blogger that I just want to encourage! She's a busy momma of a busier 2.5 year old little girl; she's also a good writer with interesting things to say. In the midst of difficulty, she's honest but always optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous and faith-filled. She's funny and imaginative, too!

And Jenny, at Home Is Where You Start From, is a fellow homeschooling mom of four. She's got lots of energy and enthusiasm--for homeschooling, blogging, her faith, and life in general. She's a big reader and we've enjoyed trading book reviews and recommendations. She's a frequent commenter here--and always such an encouragement to me!

The award originated here. Here's what the recipients should do:
1. Replace my five bloggers with yours and write a least a paragraph about each one.
2. Make sure you link to this post so others can read it and the rules.
3. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they've been given the award.
4. Put the award icon on your site [see here]


Donna Boucher said...

Thank you very much Jeanne!

I'm so glad you are part of the conversation :o)

It's the people on the other side of that fence that bring me such joy AND fun!

Thank you for thinking of me.
I look forward to visiting your other winners :o)

Linds said...

Well well.... You are very sweet, my friend! I am really honoured and more so that I count you as a friend. So many blessings right here in our blogging world. Thank you so much! I am off to visit your other nominees.... I love making new friends. (PS.... I have "borrowed" grandchildren, who I adore, but none of my own yet... But I could not love the babes more if they were my own! I usually say I am in practice mode at the moment, so I can be perfect when the time comes!)

Jenny in Ca said...


how very sweet, I am so honored!! Thank you for all the sweet thoughts, you really made me smile today.

I am looking forward to visiting the bloggers you linked to.

Islandsparrow said...

Thank you very much Jeanne - it's an honour to be chosen by you!


I'm off to meet some new blogger friends :)

tonia said...

Thank you so much Jeanne! Your name would be on my list of five too.



Amy said...

Awww... Thank you. I'm finally catching up on the backlog of blogging. I shall have to think carefully about my five.

In the meantime, I've tagged you for the seven things meme over at my blog.