Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scenes from The Matchmaker

Mr. V.: "There will be two ladies and myself."
Malachi: "It's a bad combination, Mr. Vandergelder. You'll regret it."

"No one asks advice of a cabman, Mr. Vandergelder! They see so much of life, they have no ideas left."

Irene Malloy (on chair): I won't eat behind a screen...We're not caged animals in a menagerie... No screen! No screen!
Malachi: There comes my employer now, getting out of that cab.
Barnaby: Cornelius, it's Wolf-Trap. Yes, it is!
Cornelius [not wishing to be seen by Mr. Vandergelder, aka "Wolf Trap"]: Listen, everybody. I think the screen's a good idea...We could do with three or four.

If you ladies will excuse me, I'd like to speak to this gentleman for a minute. ...Boy, have you lost something?"

"There are two people here that Mr. Vandergelder said must be brought to this house and kept here until he comes."

"I think the youngest person here ought to tell us what the moral of the play is."


Babs said...

I don't think I've ever seen so much of that boys face! How refreshing.


At A Hen's Pace said...


You said it!

I told him how much it did a mother's heart good to see his handsome face again....

I don't think he was buying it though!



Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize him. He looks a lot like J.An. in these px. ..nice px & play..looks like he did a fantastic job! Pianomum