Monday, February 22, 2010

A Week in the Life

I keep feeling guilty that I'm not blogging more. Okay, guilty is the wrong word--I'm feeling SAD because I MISS blogging. So many unrecorded stories and thoughts! But I guess my blog will reflect that I was truly in a season when I had far less control over my schedule than I enjoyed for years previously.

I wish I could say that last week was an unusual week, but with the exception of Saturday, it was pretty typical.

Last Monday:

day--homeschooled, cooked and cleaned, two trips to school and one trip to the orthodontist (result: B11 can get started with braces any day--and B14 gets his off tomorrow!)

night--had a newer family from church over for dinner


day--one trip to school, homeschooled, prepared for theater classes, caught up on emails

night--theater classes, stopped at Mr. and Mrs. A's (the couple who started our church) for a little "Fat Tuesday" celebration, stayed up late with B14 doing homework


day--meetings at the home office of our theater group, over an hour from home (5 hrs total); two trips to school and one to tap, jazz and guitar lessons (all at same time, fortunately!)

night--quick dinner and on to the Ash Wednesday service


day--homeschool, laundry and too many necessary phone calls. Ran to Walmart during B11's cornet lesson; two trips to school, including stops at library, Target and Sally's Beauty Supply (black hairspray for Mulan).

night--stayed up late with B14 completing science project, research paper introduction, Bible project, and history project--most not due till later, but our only block of time to work on them!


day--Papa Rooster drove kids to school and met me at B19's school for an IEP meeting with his team--we met for 2+ hours to talk about transitions ahead (great meeting). Back at home, on computer for an hour completing open enrollment registration process to keep virtual school options open for Chicklet7 and B11 for next year. Trip to Aldi during B11's piano lesson, pick up BC and B14 at school.

night--5 to 9--Mulan rehearsal for B14 and B11. I brought Chicklet along and experimented with makeup designs to show the directors (lookin' good!).


day: woke up with a headache that got worse as I drove boys to 9 a.m. Mulan rehearsal. Decided not to stay but to go to Panera and see if coffee would help, in case of a migraine. Stopped at Walmart on way to check my blood pressure, which had been high on Thursday, and it was higher. Coffee didn't help and headache got worse; I felt nauseous and unbalanced and couldn't keep eyes open. Didn't think I could drive myself home; called Papa Rooster to come and get me. We decided with my blood pressure up, we should go to Urgent Care instead. UC sent me to ER. CT scan of my head was normal, blood work was normal, blood pressure came down after they knocked out my headache with an IV cocktail, which put me to sleep for several hours. Need to follow up with doctor regarding my blood pressure (After extensive testing over the past six months for various other medical concerns, one more thing! At least I now know that all my major organs seem to be in good shape.)

night: through the narcotic haze, I somehow managed to help B14 write outline for his research paper we've been working on together for weeks, on the Harry Potter controversy. (Had to check it again on Sunday to make sure it made sense, but he's good to go.)


day--woke up feeling better, but still with a residual headache. Went early to church for rehearsal; sang with Blondechick on worship team. Lunch at friends' home, helped B14 finish one more homework project before driving him to an activity and running a couple of quickie errands. Home for a movie with friends--it was good to relax and watch a really redeeming, sacramental story: Henry Poole is Here. (Check it out if you haven't seen it!)

This week IS an unusual week:

--Mulan dress rehearsals Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
--Mulan school day shows: 2 Thursday morning, 2 Friday morning
--Mulan public performances: Friday night, Saturday night, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon

I'll be there every time, doing makeup...and then, maybe I'll get a week off!

Pray for my health, if the Lord leads you. I am making changes--doing less with the theater group next session and probably next year as well. And in late April, Blondechick will hopefully get her license--Woo-hoo! That will return HOURS to my week.


MomCO3 said...

No wonder you're having a migraine and high BP! Goodness-- you need a vacation, a wife, and a chauffeur!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Annie--you are so right on! All three sound good to me, even the wife! Thanks for making me smile.

jill said...

I definitely will pray for your health. Those headaches are horrible, I know. I can't believe how big chicklet7 is! Miss you guys.

Jessica said...

Oh goodness! I hope you find out what's causing your migraines. That, or better yet, I hope it never happens again!